• Gentle honey delicacy with a new flavor!
  • Gentle honey delicacy with a new flavor!
  • Gentle honey delicacy with a new flavor!
  • Gentle honey delicacy with a new flavor!

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    Royal Delicacy

    «Royal Desserts» - it's incredibly delicious combination of delicate, melting in the mouth and natural honey, keeping all its useful properties, additives - goji berries, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, pine nuts.

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Why you'll love our honey?


The honey composition no preservatives, dyes, and other harmful additives.

Guaranteed product quality!

We work only with reliable suppliers. Finished honey, before to go on sale, goes through several stages of testing.

Dessert that melts in your mouth

Honey has a creamy consistency, mild, delicate flavor and rich aroma.

Real honey in your town!

Extraordinary tastes of the products ‘Musichin. World of Honey’ have been already surprising the buyers for more than 10 years. The huge and famous plant of honey and honey desserts has grown up from a little family beeyard located in one cosy village in Orenburzhye. The real love to the performed work, nature and people allowed the Musichin family to develop the incumbent partnership and to sell the taste and beneficial product of high quality. The cooperation with the selected beeyards situated in the ecological places unique with their nature allowed to get the honey with the widely different tastes and healing properties. The products have been numerously awarded with the winner’s diplomas and certificates on different festivals, competitions, exhibitions. Due to the high quality of compounding ingredients, originality of products and use of modern technologies, the brand gained the solid trust and hearts of consumers. The glass of delicacy ‘MIRMEDA’ or ‘Musichin. World of Honey’ is the great gift expressing the wish of long and healthy life.

100% natural product.
The basis of only natural honey without dyes, additives and preservatives